Basic IO methods/classes

Regular users may only need get_sile which retrieves the correct sile based on parsing the filename.

Retrieval methods and warnings

get_sile(file, *args, **kwargs)

Retrieve an object from the global lookup table via filename and the extension

add_sile(suffix, cls[, case, gzip])

Add files to the global lookup table


Retrieve all files with specific attributes or methods

get_sile_class(filename, *args, **kwargs)

Retrieve a class from the global lookup table via filename and the extension

SileError(value[, obj])

Define an error object related to the Sile objects


Warnings that informs users of things to be carefull about when using their retrieved data


Information for the user, this is hidden in a warning, but is not as severe so as to issue a warning.

Base classes

All sisl files inherit from the BaseSile class. While ASCII files are based on the Sile class, NetCDF files are based on the SileCDF and finally binary files inherit from SileBin.

BaseSile(*args, **kwargs)

Base class for all sisl files

Sile(filename, *args, **kwargs)

Base class for ASCII files

SileCDF(filename[, mode, lvl, access])

Creates/Opens a SileCDF

SileBin(filename[, mode])

Creates/Opens a SileBin