Unit conversion

Generic conversion utility between different units.

All different codes unit conversion routines should adhere to the same routine names for consistency and readability. This package should supply a subpackage for each code where specific unit conversions are required. I.e. if the codes unit conversion are not the same as the sisl defaults.

unit_group(unit[, tbl])

The group of units that unit belong to

unit_convert(fr, to[, opts, tbl])

Factor that takes fr to the units of to

unit_default(group[, tbl])

The default unit of the unit group group.


Object for converting between units for a set of unit-tables.

All subsequent subpackages also exposes the above 4 methods. If a subpackage method is used, the unit conversion corresponds to the units defined in the respective code.

The units object is by far the easiest version to use since it handles complex units (Ry/kg/Bohr N) while unit_convert is the basic unit-conversion table that only converts simple units. E.g. Ry to eV etc.

Siesta units

This subpackage implements the unit conversions used in Siesta.

To use the unit conversion from Siesta, simply import units as:

>>> from sisl.unit import units
>>> from sisl.unit.siesta import units as siesta_units

in which case units will refer to default unit conversions and siesta_units will use the unit definitions in Siesta up to and including 4.1.X versions.