tbtncSileTBtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, access])

TBtrans output file object

deltancSileTBtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, access])

TBtrans \(\delta\) file object

tbtgfSileTBtrans(filename[, mode])

Surface Green function file containing, Hamiltonian, overlap matrix and self-energies

tbtsencSileTBtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, access])

TBtrans self-energy file object with downfolded self-energies to the device region

tbtavncSileTBtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, access])

TBtrans average file object

tbtprojncSileTBtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, ...])

TBtrans projection file object


TBtrans is per default a ballistic electron transport utility. It may also be compiled in a ballistic phonon transport mode, named PHtrans.

phtncSilePHtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, access])

PHtrans file object

phtsencSilePHtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, access])

PHtrans file object

phtavncSilePHtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, access])

PHtrans file object

phtprojncSilePHtrans(filename[, mode, lvl, ...])

PHtrans projection file object